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28 October 2021
Online Info Day & Long-Term Virtual Matchmaking (B2B-Meetings) Opportunity
Facilitating Research & Innovation Cooperation in the Danube Region

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"Facilitating Research and Innovation Cooperation in the Danube Region"

within dedicated calls of the “Widening participation and spreading excellence” part of Horizon Europe

This initiative of the the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) aims to bring together potential project applicants from the Danube Region countries with partner organisations from other EU Member States and Associated Countries in upcoming Horizon Europe "Widening" calls in order to foster participation in this programme.

This initiative started with a Horizon Europe Info Day on 28 October 2021 which focused on the Horizon Europe part "Widening participation and spreading excellence".

At the Info Day on 28 October 2021 the main conditions of the addressed Horizon Europe "Widening" calls were presented. In addition, some of the so far successfully implemented "Widening" projects in previous EU framework programmes were presented.

The presentations of the Info day are available for download here.

This initiative offers the possibility for continuous (long-term) virtual matchmakings (B2B meetings) lasting until 15 March 2022 (the end of the last submission deadline of the targeted Horizon Europe "Widening" calls).

The bilateral virtual matchmaking (B2B meetings) provide prospective applicants or researchers an opportunity to meet and discuss ideas for joint projects and to build partnerships and project consortia.

When a match is ascertained, partners from the participating "Widening" countries (of the Danube Region) and "Non-Widening" countries (in other EU Member States and Associated Countries) are encouraged to have detailed conversations on the project cooperation in preparation for the Horizon Europe "Widening" proposal submission.

This initiative of the EU Danube Region targets -in a first step- the following Horizon Europe "Widening" calls, but could be extended to future "Widening" calls.

For more detailed information about the call topics and eligibility conditions as well as the project submission process please refer to the above links under the "Funding & tender opportunities" portal of the European Commission.

Please check carefully in the call conditions which organisation types and which type of countries are necessary to be able to submit an eligible project application.

All Danube Region countries (except Austria and Germany) are currently eligible for hosting a "Widening" project coordinator.

Based on the respective "call topic" and "eligibility conditions" Non-Widening" countries are required to (or may) participate in the calls.

Organisations from "Non-Widening" countries are therefore also encouraged to participate in the long-term virtual matchmaking to jointly form project partnerships under Horizon Europe.

You can create, upload and modify your professional (personal and organisational) profile any time until 15 March 2022.

Please check carefully the instructions under "Virtual Matchmaking (B2B Meetings - How does it work?)" how to publish your general personal and organisational profile as well as as your specific profile (offered/sought expertise and/or project cooperation) under "Marketplace".

The Info Day on 28 October 2021 was organised by:

    and was a side event of the "10th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region
    which took place on 26-27 October 2021.

    Closed since 15 March 2022
    Location Virtual Matchmaking until end of targeted Widening Call Deadlines
    Organised by
    Serbia 47
    Romania 33
    Hungary 16
    Austria 10
    Slovenia 7
    Bulgaria 5
    Ireland 4
    Slovakia 4
    Türkiye 4
    Germany 3
    Greece 3
    Montenegro 3
    North Macedonia 2
    Belgium 2
    United Kingdom 1
    Bosnia And Herzegovina 1
    Moldova, Republic Of 1
    Israel 1
    Spain 1
    Czech Republic 1
    Armenia 1
    Croatia 1
    Total 151
    University (public) 64
    RTI Organisation/Institution (public non-profit) 40
    University (private) 8
    Company (for profit) 7
    National/Regional Government 6
    Other 6
    (RTI Funding) Agency/Body (public) 5
    Association 5
    National/Regional Authority 3
    RTI Organisation/Institution (private non-profit) 3
    Company (non-profit) 3
    RTI Company (non-profit) 1
    Total 151
    Profile views
    Before event 448
    After event 520
    Total 968